I have to tell you that if you are thinking about ordering from Derwin’s site then you should think no more, just do it and you will not have any regrets! Guaranteed to get your package every time! I love ordering from Derwin because I know I will get my merchandise and if I have any questions he is fast to get back with me! I have ordered many many times and I will keep on ordering from his site! Thank you Derwin you are the BEST!.

I first tried this site because it was the only one that would accept PayPal/CC for payment that I could find and I was not disappointed. I have ordered from here two times now and both times I received my order, no issue. It takes roughly 3 weeks or so to get what you order here on the East Coast, so just re-order in advance just to be safe. When I received my first order, I could tell the moment I opened the package it was the real deal, the smell of the cigs took me back to those great years. Same taste and smell just as I remembered!.

My honey was thrilled to get his Marlboros Red Cigarettes though the package arrived when I was away and he didn’t know what they were lol. Thanks again for your great product and good service!.


I’ve been ordering from these nice folks for years and most of the time the order comes through in just a couple of weeks. There was an unusual delay for this one but they handled it very professionally. Since it was taking a long time, they offered to send out another shipment free of charge. But since I knew I would need another order any way, I sent a second order. The second order arrived quickly and a couple of weeks later the original order was received. I will continue to order from them as they always take responsibility (even when it’s not their fault and outside their control). Order from them and you will receive your order for sure!.

Great service and prompt delivery. After being in Bali for sometime, and getting a taste for cloves I had all but accepted the fact that I wouldn’t get quality like that again until I went back.

Luckily this site exists to provide quality to customers.

Delivery was ultra-quick and corresponding with Derwin via email was seamless.

Very satisfied..

Sampoerna Mild Kretek Clove Cigarettes

I have only good things to say about this company. Product is fresh, prices are good, and shipping is fast! What more could you ask for? The last couple orders i placed, i received way faster than expected! I will continue to order, no doubt about it!! Thanks!.

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