Djarum Super 12

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Djarum Super (almost have the same taste with Djarum Special in the US) or “Reds”.
1 slof contains 10 packs @12 clove cigarettes.
Tar Volu


Sold in white and maroon packs, Djarum Super (Djarum Special in the US) or “Reds”, is another kretek brand produced by Djarum. They are equivalent to medium strength filtered cigarettes with the obvious exception of containing cloves. They differ greatly from Blacks, being much sweeter and containing less clove. Additionally, Specials tend to be lighter and produce smoke that is not nearly as thick as Blacks. The flavouring sauce put on the filter portion of the cigarettes is notably sweeter, but lacks some of the complexity of flavor in Djarum’s other brands. It is overall a much more traditional cigarette, the flavor of tobacco outshines the taste of cloves and flavoring sauce. Additionally, another unique brand of kreteks is distributed under the name of “Djarum Super” within the western market that differs significantly from the Djarum Special. Sold in black and red packages with embossed yellow text, the imported version of Djarum Super are rolled in what appears to be standard white cigarette paper, however it retains the flavouring sauce used in other brands. The filter is slightly longer and its design is characterized by a cloudy pastel yellow and grey. These kreteks contain significantly less tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide (levels comparable to regular cigarettes) than the other commercially popular Djarum brands in the west. 1 slof contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 12 cigarettes. Tar Volume 32 mg Nicotine Volume 1.8 mg..

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